Our team combines leading experts in science, technology, forestry and carbon markets

Leading experts in science, technology, forestry and carbon

Illustration from
Pará State artist
in Brazil: Kambô


We marry our expertise with technology to pioneer a new model of carbon removal

We find solutions that most effectively remove atmospheric carbon at scale. We bring together the best from science, technology, forestry and carbon markets, putting our skills to the most important cause of our time. We know our mission will take time and we’re in it for the long run. This is just the beginning of our journey.

We're committed to the most important cause of our time

We get things done

Meet the team responsible for making it all happen.

Ana Luiza Rodrigues
Investments Analyst
Dan Harburg
Director of Business Development
Gabriel Silva
Co-founder and CFO
Hawthorne Beyer
Head of Geospatial Science
Jefferson Oliveira
Head of Seedling Supply and Nursery Operations
Joice Brawerman
Compliance, Risk and AML Analyst
Lígia Rossetto
Director of Legal, Compliance, Risk and AML
Luiz Barros Filho
Director of Investments
Marcelo Matsumoto
Geospatial Science Lead
Mario Grassi
Director of Operations
Peter Fernandez
Co-founder and CEO
Raphael Abe
Director of Land Acquisition
Renato Crouzeilles
Director of Science
Severino Rodrigo
Head of Reforestation Science
Thais Baptista
Head of Investments
Yugo Matsuda
Business Development Lead